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Tialma's Aleksey Krylov Reviews with Students a Case Study in Financial Modeling: Venture to Private Equity Exits

Jul 19, 2023

Tialma, a fractional CFO consultancy to healthcare and life sciences companies, is pleased to share that Aleksey Krylov will review a case study in Financial Modeling: Venture to Private Equity Exit Scenarios. Aleksey Krylov returns to Sutton Capital’s classroom with this presentation scheduled for July 19, 2023. The case study will address the venture investing cycle, the evolution of businesses from early venture to growth equity to private equity stage, and the exit scenarios at each step of the company’s growth. Mr. Krylov’s previous presentation addressed Waterfall Calculations Lessons.


Tialma is grateful to Sutton Capital’s Joel Palathinkal for the invitation and looking forward to the discussion with future leaders of the venture capital and private equity community. Aleksey Krylov, who participates in Tialma's healthcare practice, will network with attendees and engage in a Q&A session.


“I am excited to lead the Venture to Private Equity Exit Scenarios case study,” said Aleksey Krylov. “I look forward to sharing select learnings from the last twenty years of working in the VC and PE industry and view this as an opportunity to give back to the community.”


Tialma invites attendees to visit Aleksey Krylov and Joel Palathinkal and submit questions at the event.


For media inquiries, please contact Aleksey Krylov, aleksey at


About Tialma:

Tialma is a New York-based Financial Consulting Firm that delivers bespoke strategic and fractional CFO solutions to healthcare and life sciences companies. Tialma professionals work with biotech, therapeutics, specialty pharma, diagnostics, medical devices, healthcare technology, and services organizations. The consultancy caters its solutions to accelerate clients’ next value inflection with fundraising, business development, and operating finance milestones that dramatically increase shareholder value. For more information, visit

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