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Aleksey Krylov Reviews a Case Study in Financial Modeling: Venture to Private Equity Exits

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

I am excited to be back at Sutton Capital’s classroom. I, Aleksey Krylov, am reviewing a case study in the Financial Modeling: Venture to Private Equity Exit Scenarios.

Venture to Private Equity Exits, Aleksey Krylov
Venture to Private Equity Exits

Post by Aleksey Krylov Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash

I want to thank Joel Palathinkal for the invitation and look forward to discussing with the students:

  • Venture investing life cycle

  • Fundraising with angels, early-stage VC, growth VC, and private equity

  • Scaling business with funding

  • Exit considerations around valuation, structure, and timing

The case study involves Arete Labs, a hypothetical startup founded several years back that enjoyed robust growth and interest from the angel and VC community. In this scenario, I work as a business co-founder and CAFO (chief administrative and financial officer), who invested capital into the venture at various stages of its growth.

We review the company's growth trajectory and dilemmas that the management team and the Board face at each stage of the game. A founder must be mindful in balancing growth and profitability, and always has to keep in mind Company’s Hidden Costs of Employing Full-Time CFOs.

Here is the presentation video. PowerPoint slides and fully-functional excel model below the video.

Materials from the presentation are available here.

Presentation slides

Investment in Arete Labs Case Study 7-19-2023 vShared
Download PDF • 1.47MB


Arete Labs Illustrative Model 7-19-2023 vShared
Download XLSX • 75KB

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