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Tialma's Aleksey Krylov attending oncology industry conferences

Jun 20, 2023

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2023/ -- Tialma, a fractional CFO consultancy to life sciences companies, is pleased to share that Aleksey Krylov will attend two ASCO Direct™ events in the coming days. ASCO Direct™ China: Clinical Oncology Progress--Advanced Gastric Cancer is scheduled for June 20, 2023, and ASCO Direct™ China: New Theranostics Approach in Metastatic Prostate Cancer is scheduled for July 1, 2023.

Tialma chose ASCO Direct™, an officially licensed program of the American Society of Clinical Oncology® (ASCO®), because it brings together influential scientific leaders from the oncology field and enables impactful relationship-building opportunities. Aleksey Krylov, who has been instrumental in driving Tialma's contributions to life science companies, will participate in the virtual events, engage and network with the events’ participants.

"I am delighted to attend the ASCO Direct events," said Aleksey Krylov. "Both events represent an excellent opportunity to learn about scientific breakthroughs in the oncology field. I welcome a chance to connect with scientific pioneers with whom I share a dedication to advancing anti-cancer technologies."

Tialma invites all attendees to visit Aleksey Krylov at the ASCO Direct™ events to learn more about how Tialma can support their organizations in achieving their goals of bringing cancer treatments to patients.

For media inquiries, please contact Aleksey Krylov at

About Tialma:

Tialma is a New York-based Financial Consulting Firm that delivers bespoke strategic and fractional CFO solutions to life sciences companies. Tialma professionals work with biotech, therapeutics, specialty pharma, diagnostics, medical devices, healthcare technology, and services organizations. The consultancy caters its solutions to accelerate clients’ next value inflection with fundraising, business development, and operating finance milestones that dramatically increase shareholder value. For more information, visit

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