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Fractional CFO

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Strategic CFO for Life Sciences

Tialma is a New York-based Financial Consulting Firm that delivers bespoke strategic CFO solutions to life sciences companies.

We help biotech, therapeutics, specialty pharma, diagnostics, medical devices, healthcare technology and services organizations with strategic planning and finance operations issues. 

We support executives and their Boards in hitting fundraising, business development, and M&A milestones that dramatically increase shareholder value.

Building on banking and venture investing background, Tialma professionals help solve most pressing business administration problems so the clients' teams can focus on helping patients and developing life altering therapies.

Let’s discuss how we can move your business to the next level. Get in touch with us today.

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Exceeding Your Expectations

Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Given the importance of fundraising to life sciences companies, capital formation and investor relations is a cornerstone of Tialma’s offering. We work to support the execution of a specific funding event and develop strategies to enable multiple fundraising milestones to occur in sequence. We help companies crystalize positioning, develop messaging, identify investor targets, zero in on timing, support negotiating terms, facilitate due diligence, and drive closing. Throughout the process, our professionals function as an inseparable part of the core executive team.

Strategic Planning

Allocation of resources towards value inflection milestones is a delicate balance between aggressive execution and managing risks. Our team works with the C-suite to iteratively develop a plan that unlocks shareholder value over the next 5-7 years. We develop financial models allowing for war-room analysis of cash uses and bring the power of scenario analysis to the BOD and executive decision-making rigor.

Strategic Planning
Finance Operations

Finance Operations (FinOps)

We help maturing companies design, implement and manage their financial capabilities to ensure smooth operations of the entire organization. We assess the adequacy of internal and external resources to effectively operate and grow your business's finance, accounting, HR, and business administration functions, make recommendations to the CEO and the BOD, and help build out missing elements. Our consultants don't hesitate to roll up their sleeves and own tactical initiatives that include, among other things, internal budgeting, contracting/documentation of various business administration matters (e.g., non-disclosure agreement or lease contract negotiation), review accounts payable, payroll compliance, periodic book closing, and audit process.


Strategic collaborations are valuable for growth companies because of the validation and, often, non-dilutive financing they provide. Our experts have developed, negotiated, and managed multiple partnership arrangements, bringing years of best practices in implementing such agreements. Our consultants have experience in developing partnerships with academic institutions and large corporates.

Business Development BD


Mergers and acquisitions are a tool for unlocking shareholder value, generating liquidity, implementing financing, or returning capital to investors – and it is a part of the strategic planning repertoire for any CEO and the Board. Our experts have experience with M&A as bankers, private equity professionals, and operating executives and bring this unique perspective to the client’s boardroom.

Fractional Role – Full Commitment

Not all companies are ready to take on a full-time CFO but they need the CFO capability to maximize shareholder value in the short and medium term. Tialma leadership works with clients to structure flexible arrangements to maximize the benefit to the business at a fraction of the cost.

Fractional CFO
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