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Tialma Consultant Aleksey Krylov attending health AI investor chat events

Jun 21, 2023

New York City, New York Jun 21, 2023 (  - Tialma, a fractional CFO consultancy to healthcare and life sciences companies, is pleased to share that Aleksey Krylov will attend several HealthAI Investor Chat events in the coming days. DigitalHealth InvestorTalk: Get Generative AI To Work For You with Steven Wardell is scheduled for June 21, 2023. The West Coast University’s Artificial Intelligence: Challenges for Healthcare Administration is also scheduled for June 21, 2023. DigitalHealth InvestorTalk: Selling into the Provider Budget in 2023 with Steven Wardell is planned for July 12, 2023.


Tialma chose these events because they bring together thought leaders in the health AI field and enable promising networking opportunities. Aleksey Krylov, who contributes to Tialma's value-add to healthcare companies, will participate in these virtual events and network with attendees.


"I am thrilled to join participants of the DigitalHealth InvestorTalk and the West Coast University health AI events," said Aleksey Krylov. "I look forward to connecting with experts at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence to discuss the AI technology applications within the healthcare ecosystem."


Tialma invites all attendees to visit Aleksey Krylov at these events to learn more about how Tialma can support their organizations in bringing AI solutions to physicians and their patients.


For media inquiries, please contact Aleksey Krylov at


About Tialma:

Tialma is a New York-based Financial Consulting Firm that delivers bespoke strategic and fractional CFO solutions to healthcare and life sciences companies. Tialma professionals work with biotech, therapeutics, specialty pharma, diagnostics, medical devices, healthcare technology, and services organizations. The consultancy caters its solutions to accelerate clients’ next value inflection with fundraising, business development, and operating finance milestones that dramatically increase shareholder value. For more information, visit

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